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Resources for Students Experiencing Insecurity

Below is a comprehensive list of general resources available to students who are experiencing housing, food, or financial insecurity. 

If a student has specific questions about how they can receive housing and/or financial assistance, please submit a Saluki Cares report here.

Academic Advisement

Academic Advising is a teaching and learning process dedicated to student success. Our function is to TEACH, GUIDE and SUPPORT students and other stakeholders in the University Community.

Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901


Achieve Program

The Achieve Program is a supplemental comprehensive academic support program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. For the past 40 years, achieve has helped students with learning disabilities, attention deficits, processing disorders, and neurodiversity learning styles to attain academic success and make degree progress.

Northwest Annex Wing C, Room 121
870 Lincoln Drive | Mailcode 6832
Carbondale, IL 62901


Career Development Center

The professional clothing closet provides students free access to professional and casual attire appropriate for job fairs, interviews and workplaces.

1263 Lincoln Dr., Suite 0110
Student Services Building
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Center for International Education

The Center for International Education is responsible for promoting and coordinating international initiatives at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. We celebrate the global community, encouraging awareness, interaction and integration of world cultures. We are devoted to student success, nurturing academic, professional, social, and personal growth.

425 Clocktower Drive
Woody Hall | MC 4333
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Center for Learning Support Services

CLSS assists students of all cultures, abilities, backgrounds and identities with becoming self-regulated learners who work to improve their academic performance through tutoring, academic coaching and test preparation workshops.

7th floor Morris Library Room 782
605 Agriculture Drive | MC 4714
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901 


Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development

The Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development (CRHSSD) supports the provision  of services to enhance the health and well-being of and to reduce health disparities in 66 urban and rural counties across central and southern IL.

Wheeler Hall
975 S. Normal Ave., MC 6892
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901


Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism

The Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism (CSLV) prepares students to be engaged, aware, and responsible citizens. The Center connects students to volunteer opportunities and local needs that align with their interests and coursework. Service and reflection allow students to connect with peers, faculty, and the community as active learners.

Student Services Building Room 495
1263 Lincoln Drive | Mail Code 4308
Carbondale, IL 62901


Clinical Center

The Clinical Center serves as a training and research site for various campus departments that rain professionals for work in psychological, educational and speech & language services. In that training and research capacity we provide a range of services designed to improve the lives of the individuals we serve.

625 Wham Drive | Mailcode 4602
Wham Building Room 141
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Our mission is to provide mental health services to facilitate students’ adjustment to college and their personal and psychological growth. Our staff works to help students resolve problems that interfere with personal, social, and academic functioning.

374 East Grand Ave. | MC 6740
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901


Dean of Students

As educators, the Dean of Students Unit actively partners with the campus community to provide transformational, holistic programs and services that challenge and empower students to learn, serve, and succeed.

Student Services Building Room 486
1263 Lincoln Dr | MC 4308
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Disability Support Services

The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) is committed to assuring that students with disabilities receive equal, effective, and meaningful access to all campus programs, resources, and services. We recognize that diversity of abilities is a source of excellence, enrichment, and strength for all members of the university community.

Student Health Center 220 | Mail Code 4705
374 East Grand Avenue
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Exploratory Student Advisement

We believe that academic advising is a teaching and learning process dedicated to student success. The collaborative relationship between students and advisors is intended to assist in the development of meaningful educational, career and personal goals that are consistent with students' interests, values and abilities.

Student Services Building - Suite 179
Southern Illinois University
1263 Lincoln Drive | Mail Code 4711
Carbondale IL 62901


Financial Aid Office

At SIU, we've made it part of our mission to dismantle anything that stands between people and discovery. Whether through scholarships, grants, or loans, we put your college experience within reach. We will guide you through the process and will be available to assist you every step along the way, ensuring that every person has the opportunity to succeed at SIU.

1263 Lincoln Drive - Mail Code 4702
Student Services Building, 2nd floor
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


First Saluki Center

The First Saluki Center's mission statement is to support, guide, and encourage first-generation students so they will succeed academically, persist in their education, and graduate from SIU Carbondale.

Student Services Building, Room 291 | Mailcode 4730
1263 Lincoln Drive
Carbondale, IL 62901


Graduate School

The Graduate School therefore plays an essential role in development of instructional and research programs, in acquisition of funds, and in procurement of facilities necessary to encourage and support research by members of its scholarly community.

1263 Lincoln Dr. | MC 4716 
Student Services Building - Third Floor
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Human Resources

We are responsible for coordinating human resource policy, procedures and practices for the SIU Carbondale campus. We also serve as the primary liaison to various state agencies with regard to human resource and benefit related issues.

Woody Hall 1st Floor | MC 6520
900 S. Normal Avenue
Carbondale, IL 62901


I.D. Card Office

You can go to the ID office to purchase a student ID. The card can be used for a variety of things such as, photo identification, printing, copying, meal card, Debit Dawg, Rides Mass Transit (Saluki Express Buses), access to university facilities and events, obtaining medical services.

Student Center, 2nd Floor (across from the Administration Office)
1255 Lincoln Drive | Mailcode 4407
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Major Scholarship Advisement

We provide information, advice, and support for students who wish to apply for nationally  competitive major scholarships.

Morris Library, Room 110C | Mail Code 6532
Carbondale, IL 62901


McNair Scholars

The SIU Carbondale McNair Scholars Program helps students realize their full potential by providing enriching educational experiences for low income, first-generation college students and members of undeserved groups in higher education.

Woody Hall 347 | Mail Code: 4719
900 S. Normal Ave.
Carbondale, IL 62901 


Non-Traditional Student Services

Non-Traditional Student Services (NTSS), a unit of the Dean of Students, serves SIU Carbondale’s adult student population through guidance, support, and resource referral to enhance educational experiences from the point of entry to degree completion.

1263 Lincoln Drive | MC 4308
Student Services Building, room 484
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Office of Equity and Compliance

The Office of Equity and Compliance provides training, conducts investigations, and ensures compliance with federal and state laws related to sexual violence, Title IX and discrimination.

900 S.Normal Avenue - Mail Code 4316
Woody Hall Room 478
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Office of Registrar

Our primary goals are to assist students in the registration process, assess tuition and fees, monitor students' academic progress, and determine eligibility for degree. We also provide specialized services for students such as transcript distribution, enrollment verification, and withdrawal.

Student Services Building, Room 0251
1263 Lincoln Drive | MC 4701
SIU Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Office of Student Engagement

The Office of Student Engagement’s purpose at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is to engage students on campus through meaningful involvement opportunities that enable students to gain leadership experience while also serving the campus community.

Student Center – 3rd Floor
1255 Lincoln Drive | MC 4425
Carbondale, IL 62901


Office of the Bursar

The Office of the Bursar is committed to excellence in providing financial services to students and the Southern Illinois University community. Our mission is to provide these services in the most efficient, friendly, effective and customer-oriented fashion possible.

Student Services Building, 2nd Floor
1263 Lincoln Drive | MC 4704
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Office of the Chancellor

Austin A. Lane became chancellor of Southern Illinois University Carbondale on July 1, 2020. He is the executive head of SIUC. His vision is committed to ensuring that students graduate with the knowledge, experience, critical skills and cultural competencies they need to make a difference in our world.

Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901


Department of Public Safety

Department of Public Safety employees are responsive to community needs. Police officers, telecommunicators, parking agents, and administrative staff work to support and further the university education and research mission.

1175 South Washington St.
Trueblood Hall, MC 6723
Carbondale, IL 62901


Rainbows End Child Development Center

The staff at Rainbow’s End Child Development Center is committed to promoting the well-being of children and their families. We provide a secure and positive atmosphere for children during the most important years of growth, development and learning. We offer children at the Center the opportunity to participate in a program that balances intellectual, social and emotional growth.

650 S. State St - MC 6735
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Recreational Sports and Services

The purpose of Recreational Sports and Services is to enhance the quality of life for our students and the SIU community by providing dynamic opportunities in safe facilities and environments

300 East Grand Avenue, MC 6717
Carbondale, IL 62901


Saluki Cares

Saluki Cares facilitates and coordinates a University-wide program of care and support for students in distress. By working closely with faculty, staff, students and their families, SIU Carbondale displays a culture of caring by demonstrating to our students and families that they are an important part of the community.

Student Services Building, 4th floor


Saluki Express

The Saluki Express mass transit system provides students, faculty, and staff, as well as the Carbondale community reliable transportation around our region and community.

Southern Illinois University
1255 Lincoln Drive | Mailcode 4407
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Saluki Food Pantry

Develop and sustain a food pantry on the campus at SIU Carbondale to serve food insecure students. The food pantry will provide an opportunity for SIU students to serve other students and engage in conversations and solutions around food insecurity.

Lower level of Student Center
Southern Illinois University
1255 Lincoln Drive | Mailcode 4407
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Saluki Spokes Free Bike Repair

Saluki Spokes has basic materials and tools so that you can fix your own bike and get back on the road. The tools are free to check out. It's our hope that students, staff, and faculty increase their bicycle usage on the SIU campus as basic bicycle care is now available six days a week.

Lower level Student Center Craft Shop
Southern Illinois University
1255 Lincoln Drive | Mailcode 4407
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Saluki Tech Solution Center

Saluki Tech provides students, faculty and staff with technology related support and assistance. Saluki Tech offers diagnostics and repairs on personal devices and can assist with technology purchases.

Morris Library, 1st floor
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs at SIU Carbondale is committed to supporting the mission of our institution by providing purposeful and engaging programs, resources, and spaces.

Student Services Building Rm 486
1263 Lincoln Drive | MC 4308

Carbondale IL, 62901


Student Center

As a central gathering place, the Student Center plays a significant role at SIU by supporting the university’s mission and enhancing the educational experience. We are committed to providing excellence in programs, services, and facilities while serving students and the community in a safe and inclusive environment.

Southern Illinois University
1255 Lincoln Drive | Mailcode 4407
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Student Health Center

Student Health Services is an integral part of Southern Illinois University caring for the health of our culturally diverse students. We provide an integrated and holistic approach to cost-effective healthcare, serving as the student’s medical home away from home.

374 East Grand Avenue | MC 6740
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Touch of Nature Environmental Center

The mission of Touch of Nature Environmental Center is to enhance learning, promote  professional development, encourage personal and interpersonal development, and increase environmental awareness.

Southern Illinois University
Mail Code 6888
Carbondale, IL 62901


TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at SIU assists a select group of students in adjusting to college life and successfully pursuing an undergraduate degree. SSS utilizes a holistic approach in providing support services for students by focusing on academic, social, and cultural aspects of the college experience.

Woody Hall Room 214
Mail Code 4721
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Undergraduate Admissions

Our admissions staff remains dedicated to supporting students through the admission process.

Mail Code 4710
1263 Lincoln Drive
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


University Affirmative Action Office

SIU is committed to taking affirmative steps aimed at overcoming such historical patterns of discrimination in our society. The university’s Affirmative Action Program identifies special actions intended to bring such groups into full participation in all aspects of university life.

Student Services Building Room 136
1263 Lincoln Drive – MC 4729
Carbondale, IL 62901


University Honors Program

The Honors Program lives by these values, offering students opportunities for academic and personal growth to develop and sustain them as future leaders and world citizens. The typical Honors student does not just have a high GPA. Rather, they combine academic excellence with the ambition to make a difference and contribute to their communities. We mentor each student individually through their undergraduate years guiding them through our goals of Learn. Lead. Serve.

Morris Library, Room 180
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901


University Housing

On-campus living at Southern Illinois University Carbondale can provide an experience to last a lifetime. Residents enjoy meeting new people, making lifelong friends, getting involved, interacting with faculty and staff, and much more.

Student Services Building 4th Floor
1263 Lincoln Drive - MC 6716
Carbondale, Illinois   62901


Veterans Services

Providing information, checklists, and other content regarding the necessary steps for veterans to successfully transition to the university. Dissemination of information to veterans and active duty military members who are interested in attending SIU Carbondale. Answering all general  inquiries about veterans’ services provided by the university, including directing veterans to on- and off-campus veteran service providers.

Woody Hall 381 | 900 S. Normal Ave.
MC 4727
Carbondale, Illinois 62901


Wellness and Health Promotion Services

Wellness and Health Promotion Services specializes in Health Promotion and Education. We teach students skills that help them with the day-to-day choices they face regarding health and wellness behaviors.

Student Health Services, 2nd Floor
374 East Grand Avenue - MC 6740
Carbondale, Illinois 62901